Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Corner

A is now a toddler full of love for books. Here are some that she can't get enough off:

1) I love you Stinky Face : This book is illustrated by Cyd Moore, whose work we really enjoy. And the story is wonderful, too.

2) Ella Sarah Gets Dressed & Best Best Friends : These two books tell a well-written story, and both of  them have female protagonists. A seems to identify with the girls in the story and hence enjoys hearing about them again and again.

3) Oh no, George: This is a fun read about a naughty dog who tries his level best to stay out of trouble. Perfect for a pre-afternoon nap.

4) If you give a mouse a cookie: An awesome collection of stories; funny and fun.

5) Monkey and Me: We have spent many evenings enjoying this book.

6) Higher and higher: Another book with a female protagonist. A has been reading this book since last year and it's still going strong.