Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trying to make sense

In troubled times, the human mind seeks reason to deal with all the nonsense. We desperately try to unscramble events to find logic.

My grandfather has been in the hospital for two months. Most of which has been spent in the I.C.U. He has been terminally sick for 3 years now.

I remember him as a giant of a man. Not so much because he was over 6 feet tall, but mostly because of personality. In my eyes he stood for all that is just and fair. His actions, thoughts and words always reflected a thoughtful, sharp mind. Never one to raise his voice or use harsh words, he was the one we all depended on for strength, courage and wisdom.

I imagined that when ever the time came for him to meet his maker, it would be dignified, painless and peaceful. But life has proved it to be otherwise. He has been in the I.C.U for a big chunk of the last two months. Reduced to not even a shadow of the man I knew him to be.

Every one is shocked at the senseless void and pain he has been existing in. All are wondering how could a man like him, who sacrificed everything for his family, be destined for such a painful end. There seems no sense in all of this. And yesterday, unable to find meaning, I assured myself that it was the price his soul had to pay in order to achieve moksha. And somehow, it all makes me feel a bit more at peace.

Such is the human mind :(

Friday, December 21, 2012

Crime in the Capital :(

Open your eyes and wake up India
Open your ears and hear the cries.

Let the anguish freely course through your vein
as you watch gentle decency being slowly slain.

Find the courage to finally face,
human actions so terribly base.

Open your eyes and wake up India
Open your ears and hear the cries.

And when you do,
I hope that you are flushed with red so dangerously deep, 
you extinguish every flicker of forgiveness that might silently leap.
I hope that your every fiber burns indignant with humiliation,
that you no more refuse to stand for such abomination.

Open your eyes and wake up India
Open your ears and hear the cries.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Corner

A is now a toddler full of love for books. Here are some that she can't get enough off:

1) I love you Stinky Face : This book is illustrated by Cyd Moore, whose work we really enjoy. And the story is wonderful, too.

2) Ella Sarah Gets Dressed & Best Best Friends : These two books tell a well-written story, and both of  them have female protagonists. A seems to identify with the girls in the story and hence enjoys hearing about them again and again.

3) Oh no, George: This is a fun read about a naughty dog who tries his level best to stay out of trouble. Perfect for a pre-afternoon nap.

4) If you give a mouse a cookie: An awesome collection of stories; funny and fun.

5) Monkey and Me: We have spent many evenings enjoying this book.

6) Higher and higher: Another book with a female protagonist. A has been reading this book since last year and it's still going strong.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Road, Old Memories

Bicycles carelessly careening down narrow gallis, small cars bullying their way thru the already over flowing streets, and then pedestrians, human or otherwise, snuggling in what ever space left.

Forehead strained with a frown, dripping with sweat and skin aching to get rid of humidity stuck like velcro. Back itching with rash and olfactory senses enticed and offended.

Destination, Nai Sarak, is nothing but a vague memory from my childhood. Flashes of my chubby legs trying to skip over the trash, nallis and muddy puddles, trying to hold on to my grandfather's strong fingers, running to keep up with him. And of course, the smell.

It still wafts in the air. Try catching and catagorizing it. The humid air drenched in the pungent oil, sizziling with batter. The stench of the stagnant water, holding still with it all that lived once. Cloth bags holding onto colorful spices that tingle your nose with every hint of a breeze. Trash piling high against gnarled walls.

This ancient city, holding her head high, adorned by the blushing red Jama Masjid and its tall white minarets. The booming bursting world of commerce enconsed within her.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My soul city

What, you ask, is the real reason
to love Boston in every season?

I have seen a few, but not all
and many a skylines have had a close call.
It is not trusty ignorance who urges my blush,
nor unchanging habit who causes the rush.

Nay, dear reader, it is much much more
the sights and the sounds that touch my core.

You think to your self you will escape the trap
And, I promise, a year will turn you to sap.

Let's start with snow piled high on the ground,
like fallen crushed diamonds all around.
Bare trees all decked up just for you,
like a million little stars blinking on cue.

Soon tiny spring will slowly saunter in
while we patiently wait on needles and pin
Generously it will carry with it
abundance of tulips if weather permits.

And then the real pearl the oyster unfolds
as sunshine sprinkles over the crafty cold.
The gardens are lush and brimming with laughter
so many squirrels and ducks to run after.

And I promise you another thing
something spectacular
that will make your heart sing.

Cross the bridge on any day
and silently watch
your worries drift away.

Every traveler who has been over
has turned their head
to a stunning sight forever.

It isn't just Charles that holds your attention,
The chic Boston buildings too need a mention
And with them, the arty campus of MIT
is as much part of the beauty you see.

The arrogance of Charles is deserved
as it plays it role with such reserve.
On one bank lie the Hancock & the Pru
while the other boasts of MIT crew.

So dear reader, I am well aware
about Boston you may not really care.
You think to your self you will escape the trap
And, I promise, a year will turn you to sap.

Friday, January 20, 2012

There ain't no princess here

I have recently started thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, we are fighting a loosing battle.

We, G & I, have always maintained a gender neutral environment at home. Which means, that neither of us uses the gender card to either get out of responsibilities or to assert our rights. We both are opinionated and yet never chauvinistic about it.

And this extends to little A, too. We haven't gone the route these parents have, but rather strived to make it happen in simpler ways. Such as our expectations from her, her books and her toys.

For those who have read my previous posts, know how much 'pink' bothered me. So, now imagine our discomfort when the darn princess shows up every where. And I mean everywhere.

Try shopping for a 2-yr old and you will be surprised by all the products that come in the princess theme. Right from the gauzy pink dresses to plates and spoons, from bibs to sticker books, and from story books to toys. It is exhausting sieving and sifting for non-princessy items.

If that wasn't enough, her daycare provider has a bag full of princess gear for 'dress-up.' And then there are strangers who think it perfectly normal to playfully let A know that she is "pretty as a princess."

So, for parents like us, where do we draw a line and, most importantly, how?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To being happy and appreciative!

Keeping up the tradition from last year and the year before, started 2012 with no resolutions.
So, looking forward to a pressure and guilt free year :)

All I hope is that I focus on all that is well in my life, find some time to write and appreciate all things beautiful. For now that seems enough.

Talking about all things beautiful, here are a few goodies I recently stumbled upon and they made me happy.

1) What better way to teach kids gardening than in this fabulous play house. Check it out here.

2) Stumbled upon this sweet world of Loxly Hollow on Etsy and boy, am I drooling!

This one just seems perfect for A's bath time fun!

3) Serious love for this beauty! Would love to own this unique piece of art.
Saw this on Annie Howden's blog
Oh Honestly! .
It has my mind racing and am filled with a number of ideas that I could pull off. It seems so doable and lovely that I might just give it a shot some day soon.

4) Another thing of joy for me in the past couple of days has been this random image that G sent. I have looked at it a hundred times at least and every time it makes me smile. It reminds me so much of little A.

Anything you have seen or read that made you happy and smile?