Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My soul city

What, you ask, is the real reason
to love Boston in every season?

I have seen a few, but not all
and many a skylines have had a close call.
It is not trusty ignorance who urges my blush,
nor unchanging habit who causes the rush.

Nay, dear reader, it is much much more
the sights and the sounds that touch my core.

You think to your self you will escape the trap
And, I promise, a year will turn you to sap.

Let's start with snow piled high on the ground,
like fallen crushed diamonds all around.
Bare trees all decked up just for you,
like a million little stars blinking on cue.

Soon tiny spring will slowly saunter in
while we patiently wait on needles and pin
Generously it will carry with it
abundance of tulips if weather permits.

And then the real pearl the oyster unfolds
as sunshine sprinkles over the crafty cold.
The gardens are lush and brimming with laughter
so many squirrels and ducks to run after.

And I promise you another thing
something spectacular
that will make your heart sing.

Cross the bridge on any day
and silently watch
your worries drift away.

Every traveler who has been over
has turned their head
to a stunning sight forever.

It isn't just Charles that holds your attention,
The chic Boston buildings too need a mention
And with them, the arty campus of MIT
is as much part of the beauty you see.

The arrogance of Charles is deserved
as it plays it role with such reserve.
On one bank lie the Hancock & the Pru
while the other boasts of MIT crew.

So dear reader, I am well aware
about Boston you may not really care.
You think to your self you will escape the trap
And, I promise, a year will turn you to sap.


  1. S,
    Beautifully written. Only a heart of a true Bostonian can appreciate all the little things you mention about this city. There are a million times when I have stopped and just felt alive.
    I subscribe to these thoughts and hope I can click something to go with what you said so elegantly as a present for you :)

  2. wow!!

    this is so well put. One of the few times I have felt that a visit to the US could be worth it after all.

    here's a wish for: Hope you can continue to stay or return to your soul city all your life.