Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Corner

Trying to organize As books & toys requires a skill set of its own :)

And as I was trying to get all her stuff fit into the toy chest, I realized there have been some toys n books that she and I have just loved to tatters. So, here is a list of books that we couldn't live without:

1) Mirror Me (Baby Einstein): G & I picked up this book on our first trip to Babies'r'us :) when A was not even born. We, and by we I mean the three of us, have loved this book since her early days.

2) Quack, Quack: As A grew and started getting more interactive, she couldn't get enough of this one. And once in a while, she still opens it up.

3) Daddy Hugs & Counting Kisses (Karen Katz) : These two are As most favs right now. G & A read these every night before bedtime. And every night they make her giggle n smile.

4) Old Macdonald A Hand-Puppet Board Book: This is a board book with a hand puppet, and what could be better for a 6 month old. We have used this book extensively while traveling n it worked wonders every time.

These are a few for now. Do you have a fav childhood book you still enjoy?


  1. Ah! books. what would we do without those magic things.

    My first book as a kid was gifted by dad (who else) called Indrani and the magic jungle...many a day have I spent looking at its many pictures and reading and re-reading the story asI grew old enough to read.

    Am holding the book for Aarini now. :)

  2. @ Pinku: Looked up the book and it does look promising. Now added to the long list of future books for A. Currently, are there any that Aarini likes to be read to her?