Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not so pretty PINK!

Being a mommie of a daughter has always been a dream. I knew way back when i was quite young that I was going to have a daughter. Don't ask me how or why.

Since A was born I have had the most wonderful journey of my life. It has been incredible and scary all at once. Incredible because of so many reasons. And scary because I really, really, from the bottom of my heart, want her to grow up to be a healthy, confident and strong woman. And you might think that it wouldn't be that hard to raise her to be such.

But as I look around myself, I see such negative 'pinkified' consumerism that I am appalled. The princess culture has left me a bit apprehensive, to say the least.

And what better way to equip myself than start reading up. I started with Cinderella ate my daughter by Peggy Orenstein. First, I realize there are many other moms out there who think like me, and it feels good to belong :). Also, that G & I have an up-hill task of making judicious choices in trying to keep the balance between letting A be who she is and helping her better understand the excesses of the princess culture.

As I was reading the book I realized that it was not the color or the princess that bothered me, it was the relentless marketing, and the adult themes thrust on young minds that have left me uncomfortable.

To help better understand how media is affecting the way young girls are growing up, I was recommended this book called Packaging Girlhood by Lamb & Brown. I have heard wonderful things about it, so hoping I get to read this one soon. 


  1. Have known about your baby girl obsession since college days...when you insisted you would only have a daughter. :)

    And you have actually managed it.

    Princess and pink marketing bothers me too...but knowing u am sure u will find a way to keep A strong, confident and not too 'pink'.

    Will be looking forward to reading about ur expereiences and suggestions and learning from them.

  2. I think I had psychic powers :) back in college. Will try to keep updating my blog as I read more abt this.