Monday, August 15, 2011

A home for books

As most condo-parents, we have been struggling with storage for a while. Trying to get from point A to point B in our condo usually involves some tripping and skipping over our and As stuff. While most of the stuff we consider fine to trip and skip over, As books not so much.

We tried putting As books in our bookshelf, and in a few book bins, but neither worked for us. And nor have we invested in a separate bookcase due to lack of space.

To find a suitable home for her precious books, we spent this weekend brainstorming. We were looking for a storage solution that was:

1) easily accessible for A: she should be able to reach and easily pull-out the books of her choice.
2) suitable for both her room and the kitchen.

As we researched a bit, we stumbled upon this wonderful blog,
In her blog, Lillian used IKEA spice racks [$3.99 each :)] as book shelves. These were just what we were looking for!

A not-so-quick trip to IKEA and we were all set. Not only did we score these functional racks for As books, we also got her this easel. And this is how we set up the area in front of the kitchen.

So far we have put up only 2 racks and each of these racks hold around 10 medium sized books. As for the easel, since it has a white board that A won't be using anytime soon, G folded it and turned it upside down. And secured it to the wall.

Now As books have the perfect home with a perfect location :)
Have you ever come across a nifty idea and used it in your home?

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  1. Ah!!

    that looks so good.

    and thats a very happy A. :)